How We Got Started

The Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation, Inc. or simply GASFI was founded in March 2009 in memory of Ambrosio Gregorio Oca Robles or Gig as everyone called the amazing young man with a soft spot for the national flower, Sampaguita.

Gig was a Senior at De La Salle Santiago Zobel School in Ayala Alabang, he was the flagbearer of the DLSZ Pep Squad, President of Youth for Christ, a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team and one of the most dedicated student volunteers of the Social Action Office. Gig had a beautiful heart and a warm smile, he was everyone’s friend, an AMAZING young man.

He went on to join his creator after an accident in March 2009. In his short time with us he touched countless lives and it is in his honor that GASFI began. His Mother, Marissa Oca became GASFI’s founder, inspired by Gig’s amazing person and the way he lived his life, she began a foundation that encouraged people to do what she loved to do with her children: READING.

For “Twenty Minutes at Bedtime, Read with Your Child” became a slogan to strengthen family ties, a means to spark a child’s love for learning by sharing bedtime stories and encouraging them to develop their habit for reading and even to tell their own stories.

GASFI began as a book donor program, everywhere GASFI went people were encouraged to read and spread the habit. It began as a campaign to promote bedtime reading and today it is that and much more. GASFI has been instrumental in making books accessible to children in communities that have no books, volunteers have incorporated reading into all kinds of outreach activities from medical missions to school rehabilitations and even leadership programs.

Gig’s Grandfather and Marissa’s Father, Captain Gregorio S. Oca, a pillar of the Philippine Maritime Industry joined Gig and his Creator in 2010. He was known across the Seas for his work with the Associated Marine Officers and Seafarer’s Union of the Philippines-PTGWO-ITF. Now further inspired by his life’s work, GASFI spearheaded the First International Seafarer Family Convention at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila on August 2011.

Also in honor of Capt. Oca, GASFI now manages a 30-person chorale made up of individuals from the Maritime Industry, The Echoes of the Sea Extraordinary. (Not currently an active group)

GASFI is registered as a Non-stock, Non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

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