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Our vision is to promote a Nation reading at bedtime twenty minutes daily.

Our mission is to strengthen family bonding through literacy practices within and among seafarer families and their communities.


The Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation, Inc. or simply GASFI, was founded in March 2009 in memory of Ambrosio Gregorio Oca Robles or "Gig, who was an amazing young man with a soft spot for children who sold "Sampaguita", (the national flower of the Philippines) leis.


Upon his untimely demise in March 2008 at the tender age of 16, Gig was a Senior at De La Salle Santiago Zobel School in Ayala Alabang, who spearheaded an entire array of activities; among them, flag bearer of the DLSZ Pep Squad, President of Youth for Christ, a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team and one of the most dedicated student volunteers of the Social Action Office. Gig had a beautiful heart and a warm smile, he was everyone's friend, and with his perennial catchphrase "Amazing" and the love for everything including galunggong and rice was definitely an AMAZING young man who touched countless lives. Inspired by her son's effervescent spirit, Gig's mother, Marissa Oca founded GASFI, a non-profit organization that encouraged READING, one of the activities she loved to do with her children.


"Twenty Minutes at Bedtime, Read with Your Child" became GASFI's slogan to strengthen family ties, a means to spark a child's love for learning by sharing bedtime stories and encouraging them to develop their habit for reading. 
GASFI began a book donor program in order to encourage and promote bedtime reading, and has been instrumental in making books accessible to children in far flung communities that have no books, by utilizing volunteers to help promote reading. Aside from this program, GASFI promotes the value of education through its Scholarship Program, and currently has 9 scholars in the college level. 
In August 2011, GASFI spearheaded the First International Seafarer Family Convention at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila in honor of Seafarer families inspired by the memory of Gig's grandfather, Captain Gregorio S. Oca.
GASFI is registered as a Non-stock, Non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.




1. Humility 
Gig was the kind of guy consciously chose never to flaunt anything in life. He lived the simplest life he possibly could and if he ever indulged himself he never seemed to boast about anything or if he ever did it didn't feel like he was bragging. His down to Earth demeanor was so different from what typical high schoolers- high school was about bragging and being 'in' but Gig just lived his life and let others live theirs.

Dictionary.com defines humility as 'A modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness'.

2. Compassion / Zeal for Service 
Gig was compassionate for anyone and anything. He didn't have to know you or have a personal connection to want to be of service, he just had this idea in his head that if he can make something happen, he would.

This is exemplified by Pedro's favorite story about Gig chopping up the fallen trees post-Milenyo in Ayala Alabang. He didn't do that for himself, or anyone in particular. He simply did it for his community because he knew that it had to be done and he wasn't just going to sit around and wait.

He never thought he was above anyone else so it made acting on compassion easy, helping those in need just made sense to him and he was down to Earth enough to act on it himself and he did so out of gratitude for the blessings he had. 

Dictionary.com defines Compassion as Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

3. Nationalism 
In the era of colonial mentality lived a boy who just wanted to be Filipino and proud of it. 
Gig would at times, go to school wearing a traditional "bahag", and proudly walk the halls. For him it was not just walking around in a costume, but showcasing a symbol of nationalism with pride. Gig would perform folk songs by a famous local artist, Joey Ayala with utmost pride.
4. Gratitude 
Gig was a very thankful person, he never forgot to say thank you for anything. His value for gratitude was reflected in his personal journal. 

Dictionary.com defines gratitude as the state of being grateful; thankfulness.

5. Honesty / Being Genuine 
In his desire to constantly help others, Gig would always say things as they are. He was always very frank, with no intentions to hurt the feelings of his peers only because he strongly believed that honesty would always set a person free.




MA. SOCORRO F. OCA : Founder and President
GASFI's Founder and President, Ma. Socorro F. Oca, is a lifelong maritime welfare advocate. Ms. Oca has led various welfare programs such as the flagship health program of the Associated Maritime Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP) through its Seamen's Hospital in Intramuros, Manila and the community development program which constructed and manages the Seamen's Village in Cavite. Her advocacies benefitting the maritime community are shaped by her vast experience in the industry which began with her interactions with stevedores and the seafarers in the docks of Manila during her formative years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California in Sta. Barbara and Master of Arts in Hospital Administration from the University of the Philippines. 




Mercedes "Ditas" Oca dedicated her life in supporting the advocacies of her late husband, Captain Gregorio S. Oca, master seafarer, mariner and visionary who established the Associated Marine Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP). She is a BA Home Economics graduate from the College of the Holy Spirit, and continues to support GASFI's programs and services for seafarer families and communities. 
Maria Luisa Michaela Robles (Mica ) is a graduate of IE University in Madrid, Spain, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Audio Visual Media (Class of 2015). Prior, she attended the University of Texas-Austin as an exchange student for studies in Documentary Film Production, Television and New Media Studies and Organizational Communication (2014).
Mica is currently a filmmaker working on various documentary and narrative projects.
Justine Oca holds extensive experience in Advertising, and is currently Associate Account Director at Dentsu Philippines, where she handles major corporate accounts such as Fast Retailing Philippines (Uniqlo) , United Laboratories and Unicharm Philippines. She is an A.B Communication Arts graduate from, Miriam College and the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (Center for Continuing Education, Marketing Diploma Program).   



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