GASFI promotes the value of education through its Scholarship Program, and currently has supported poor but deserving College students nationwide. To date, GASFI has supported 9 scholars, with 3 graduates who are now employed within Metro Manila and abroad.



To qualify for the Scholarship Program, the applicant must:


1. Be a high school graduate; candidate for graduation; with earned units in college.

2. Be pursuing, Pre-law, AB Political Science, Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, and Legal Management.

3. Have final average grade/cumulative overall GPA not lower than 85% or its equivalent;

4. Not have a failing or incomplete grade;

5. Not have a record of any form of disciplinary action, and;

6. Must have fully completed and submitted all application requirements on time.



The applicant must submit all of the following documents:


1. A fully completed application form. Applicants may download copied of the application form.

2.a. For incoming 1st year applicants (Freshmen): Certified True Copy of Form 137.

2.b. For incoming applicants with earned units in college: Certified true copy of the applicant's college transcript for all undergraduate course work, ending with the grades from last semester (or the most recent one the school can provide) of SY 2016-2017.

3. Two 2Ã2 colored ID pictures

4. Latest Income Tax Return of Parents or Certificate of Tax Exemption from BIR

5. Certificate of Good Moral Character

6. Certificate of Good Health

7. Certification from the School Principal or Registrar stating the final average grade (for incoming 1st year applicants), or the overall cumulative GPA/GWA of the applicant (for incoming applicants with earned units), GPA/GWA certification should also include the percentage equivalent grade.

8. Certifications supporting leadership excellence, awards received, and community involvements.

9. Letter of recommendation from the academe and non-academe

10. Certificate of Indigency



- All applications submitted will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.

- Scholarship Committee will screen the applications based on the following criteria: academic performance, leadership ability, awards received, community involvement, recommendations, and personal essay.

- Scholarship Committee will determine the applicants who will proceed to the next round of screening, which is the initial interview. Applicants who made it to the next screening will be notified via phone call and/ or email.

- After the interview, Scholarship Committee will then determine the qualified applicants.


Gasfi College Scholarship Application Form

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